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Complete Discrete Semiconductor Solutions

MCC Products

Our portfolio contains five core discrete semiconductor types—offering a full range of diodes, rectifiers, transistors, MOSFETs, voltage regulators and protection devices.

MCC Diodes


  • Broad range of Diodes: Zener, Schottky, FRED, PIN and Rectifiers for selection.
  • Power Bridges in module type are available.

Bipolar Transistors

  • Small Signal Transistors and Power Transistors (BJT).
  • Pre-biased (Digital) Transistors.
  • RF Bipolar Transistors.
ESD Protection and Power TVS

ESD Protection and Power TVS

  • Wide ESD port protection portfolio: USB, Ethernet, HDMI, RS-232, CAN/LIN….
  • Power TVS from 3.3V to 600V and up to 30KW.


  • Wide range of Small Signal Mosfet, Medium-High Power Mosfet and SiC Mosfet for selection.
  • Available in Split Gate Technology, Trench Technology and SiC Mosfet technology to support various application.


  • Discrete Products (Up to 1200Vce and 75A) for operating frequencies of up to 40KHz.
ESD Protection and Power TVS


  • SIC Schottky Barrier Diodes. Low Recovery losses due to low Cj for high-speed, high voltage and high-power density applications.

Power Modules

  • Total solution in module type: FRED Modules, Standard Recovery Power Modules, Thyristor Modules, Three Phase Bridge Rectifier with Thyristor Modules and IGBT Modules.
Voltage Regulators

Voltage Regulators

  • Series and Shunt configurations are available.
  • Fixed (most popular voltage ratings) and Adjustable Positive/Negative voltage Regulators.

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